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NACEA (North American Chinese Entrepreneur Association) was founded by a group of young Chinese American entrepreneurs headed by May Li, Managing Partner of RimLife Technologies and a semi-finalist in the 2006 Win In China entrepreneur contest held by CCTV in China. The objective of the Association is to create a home where motivated Chinese American professionals with entrepreneurial spirit in North America can share their business ideas and experiences, help one another build up business plans and teams, join hands and efforts so that they can improve the chances of bringing their start-up businesses to a success. Currently, most of its activities are in the the East Coast of the US.

北美华人科技企业及创业协会(North-America Chinese Entrepreneur Association) 2006年底成立于美国新泽西州,是正式注册的 501(c)(3)非营利性组织。会员多为有创业经验的自营老板和 创业者,以及在各大企业工作多年的科技和专业人士 。作为创业协会,多年来我们只做了一件事,就是为 北美地区的华人企业家和创业者提供一个交流、学习 、探讨机会和组建创业团队的平台。也同时借这样的 正式平台与美国主流政商界,与中国企业界与商界, 与美中两国的风投公司建立广泛的资源关系,更好地 为广大会员的创业需求提供帮助和扶持。近年来,协 会也积极与中国的人才计划对接,与许多地区建立了 人才与创业项目合作关系,并积极与国内各领域交流 沟通,促进双方了解与有效合作,协助会员与国内企 业和园区对接项目,获得资助,成功创业。作为一个 有效和务实的创业及商务平台,协会多年来在上述各 方面给华人企业和创业者们提供了众多的有质量的支 持和服务,因而受到广泛的支持,在大纽约地区已成 为具有公信力和口碑的华人团体。

Early Nacea Meeting (Sept 2006)


The goal of this organization is to foster a creative and energetic environment for the members so that they can have a better understanding of all processes involving creating a valid business and bring their entrepreneurial dreams to reality. For this purpose, we invite successful entrepreneurs, VCs, business service providers including business and investment consultants and lawyers, and other high-level business or government personnel to be our speakers and advisers. Their input and mantorship, most of which comes from their pains-taking business and life experience, have proved very valuable and helpful to our members, and we thank them wholeheartedly for their selfless contributions.


The idea of NACEA began in August 2006. The original 8 founders had meetings in café, restaurants and homes to lay out the groundwork for the organization before its first public seminar on Feb 3, 2007. The name "Entrepreneur Association", was an immediate hit, because it met a crying need among the Chinese-American community. Since then, NACEA has taken solid steps forward and has grown fast with its very adaptive plans. Armed with the vision and passion of the founding team, NACEA is heading towards greater achievements and accomplishments in the years to come.


Origin date: April 11, 2007
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