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NACEA 2013 Annual Conference

Co-hosted with NJIT EDC

Conference Theme:

Entrepreneurship & Business Growth during Economic Recovery

Date and Time:

June 8, 2013 (Saturday) from 9:30AM-4:30PM


Atrium, NJIT Campus Center, Newark, NJ (see Map next for parking & walking direction. Print a copy to find your way)

GPS address (parking deck): 154 Summit Street, Newark, NJ 07102

NJIT map, click for larger image
Parking is free in the parking deck


The NACEA Annual Conference is the highlight event of the year and a grand occasion when a lot of distinguished guests, prominent speakers, successful entrepreneurs, business start-ups and motivated professionals to gather together for a friendly business forum, information exchange and the popular moment, the networking.

The extended topics will provide good information as well as guidance to entrepreneurs who wish to take the advantage of the opportunities rising from a recovering global economy. Like many of our events before, we are aiming at getting our audience inspired and more confident in their entrepreneur and business endeavors in the coming years.


Morning session:

  • 9:30am: Registration/Warm-up social
  • 10:00am: Opening Speech (NACEA & NJIT EDC Introduction)
  • 10:15am: Keynote Speech: Meir Ezra, founder of TimeMaker LLC and several other businesses around the world; A powerful speaker who has spoken to over 100, 000 people in the US.

    Theme: Formula and Models in Gaining Success in Life & Business

    Detailed topics include:
    1. The ONE thing that controls your income.
    2. What you need to do to succeed in anything?
    3. What is money? It is not what you think!
    4. Why you should not try to make money?
    5. What is the perfect business model? Yes, there is such a thing.
    6. What you need to do to ensure a 100% closing rate when selling?

  • 11:40am: Q&As

  • 12:00-1:00pm: Lunch & Social

Afternoon Agenda

Session One

  • 1:00-2:30pm: Cross-border Investment & Business

    Speakers and panelists:

  • Alex Hao, Junhe Law Firm, M&A expert with a lot of experience working with Chinese companies; Topic: China's Outbound Investment into the US - direct experience and trend analysis";
  • Minsheng Li, Victor Wang, Shandong Business Office, Greater New York Region; Topic: Latest on Shandong and its Business Needs
  • Rui Liang, Deputy County Chief, Pingyuan, Shandong of China; Topic: Pingyuan as Your Entrepreneurial, Investment and Business Expansion Destination
  • Lawrence Delson, Founder & Principal, Delson International, Inc. Adjunct Professor at NYU, Lecturer of SUNY on 'Doing Business with China'
  • Peter Zhang, CEO, Sandreams Enterprises. Entrepreneur panelist on Cross-border Business;
  • Dongbo Xu, President, Dahai Group; Entrepreneur from Shandong, with successful businesses in several locations in the US and Canada

  • 2:30-2:45pm: Break and Networking

Session Two

  • 2:45-4:30pm: From an Idea to a Business”

    VC and Professional Panelists:

  • John Ason, Independent Angel Investor
  • Mark Tang, Angel Investor, WT Global Capital Inc.
  • Mukesh M. Patel, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and mentor
  • Raymond Wong, Attorney, President, Wong, Wong & Associate
  • Tony Zhang, Attorney of IP and patent, Principle, Fish & Richardson P.C

    Business Plan pitching candidates & projects:

  • Tianle Yang, Garbo Biotechnology LLC. Project: A novel vitamin product - nicotinamide riboside (NR)that has shown significant positive results in multiple aging-disease models.
  • George R. Velez, BVU Pharma LLC. Project: developing generic pharmaceutical products along with providing the required analytical support.
  • Emmanuel Zachariah: OncoPath Genomics. Project: Oncology Diagnostic Test Kits for Lung Cancer.


  • 4:30 - 5:00: Social & networking

Who should attend?

  • Business owners and start-up entrepreneurs seeking fund, market growth and partnership
  • Investors who are looking for new projects or businesses to invest in
  • Professionals who wish to start their own businesses following the right trend
  • Student who are looking for connections and local employers for internship or jobs
  • Those who wish to network and find new opportunities in NACEA community


  • Regular: $25
  • Formal member & Students: $15
  • All fees include the lunch (sandwich, cookies & drinks).

Vendor Table available for businesses and service providers:

$100 each, including one ticket, logo ads in Conference Program Book and listing in the conference website.

Active NACEA corporate members can have free vendor display at the conference.

Email to book a table (limited spaces. First come, first served)


NACEA is categorized as 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All sponsorship is tax exempt. Welcome businesses and service providers to join our growing sponsor team.

Your logos and names will be listed in NACEA website for long, which will improve your internet search reference and your company image.

Email for more information and join.

Speaker Bios:

(More speakers to come, please check back again later)

MEIR EZRA, Founder & Managing Partner, TimeMaker LLC

After completing his studies in telecommunications at The Bezek School in Israel, Mr. Ezra served as a high ranking submarine diver in the Israeli Navy where he completed advanced courses in electronic countermeasure technology and reached the highest level possible. Following his naval service and self-educated in computer programming, Mr. Ezra began to commercialize his passion for technology with development of his first product, a highly successful data dictionary editor called "Addicted".


After selling the "Addicted" technology, Mr. Ezra established the most successful distributor of gasoline management systems, a company that within three years grew to $100,000,000.

After arriving to the US, Mr. Ezra established Securant, Inc., developer of the patent-pending FuelSafe Fuel and Fleet Management System, a very technologically advanced fuel/fleet management resource that has received world-wide support from industry leaders as the only comprehensive solution to outdated fueling technology. FuelSafe is distributed internationally subsidiaries run by Mr. Ezra, in Israel, Colombia, Brazil, India, Puerto Rico etc..

Mr. Ezra is also the founder, majority owner and managing partner of TimeMaker LLC, a software development company developing state-of-the-art business management solutions. TimeMaker's flagship product is the patent-pending TimeMaker software, a revolutionary business communication and task management software that includes a very unique ORP (Organizational Resource Planning). TimeMaker is distributed around the globe.

In addition to running his many companies, Mr. Ezra is involved with many others developing and distributing technology products: a very innovative and successful cell phone blocker, a payment-by-cell phone technology, software solutions for the hotel industry and more. He has also assisted in the development of a film production company, in the management of a hotel/restaurant laundry service and in many other commercial enterprises.


One of Mr. Ezra's strongest attributes is his ability to communicate and establish personal and business relationships with business, political and religious leaders worldwide, with well established contacts in Israel, Italy, Colombia, Russia, India, China, Romania, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey and others.

ALEX YONG HAO - Partner, Junhe Law Firm

Alex has significant experience in M&A, finance, private equity and capital market matters, and is also knowledgeable in various related areas, including antitrust, bankruptcy, dispute resolution, international trade and national security. Alex is familiar with a wide array of sectors, including banking, energy, manufacturing, real estate, telecom and transportation. Alex maintains excellent working relations in U.S. and China with companies, financial institutions, private equity funds, professional service providers, regulatory authorities, diplomatic representations, non-governmental organizations, media and academia.

Alex's recent projects in the U.S. include the construction and financing of a US$2.8 billion pipeline, a US$2.7 billion merger of aircraft lessors and subsequent securitization, and a US$500 million acquisition of energy assets from bankruptcy; his recent projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America include the construction and financing a US$6.3 billion liquefied natural gas plant, the financing of a US$250 million telecom network, and a US$190 million acquisition of seller loan portfolio.

Prior to joining Jun He, Alex practiced law in New York for eight years at two leading U.S. firms - White & Case and then Vinson & Elkins - and played a leadership role in many international transactions that won "Deal of the Year" awards. Alex also performed legal work in Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Alex obtained his J.D. from Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, where he received merit-based scholarship each year and was on the Dean's List; he also studied finance and accounting from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. Alex obtained his LL.B., summa cum laude, from Peking University.

Alex is a member of American Bar Association and New York State Bar Association, and is a Registered Foreign Lawyer at The Law Society of Hong Kong. Alex is Executive Director of the Professional Services Committee of China General Chamber of Commerce USA, and a co-founder and former director of Chinese Business Lawyers Association. Alex is a frequent speaker at professional conferences, including recent ones at the law and business schools of Harvard and Columbia, and has recently been interviewed by CCTV, China Daily, 21st Century Business Herald, Caixin, China Press, Sinovision and Elle Men.


经济管理硕士,现任山东省平原县政府党组成员、副县长,兼纺织服装产业办公室主任。多年来一 直在基层工作,负责县域经济发展、产业推进、招商引资、民生等政府工作。曾被山东省文明办、山东 省文化厅授予“全省优秀社区文化辅导员”称号;被山东省德州市授予“现代产业体系建设先进个人”称 号;被山东省德州市人事局、德州市老龄办评为“德州市老龄工作先进个人”,并记三等功。还曾接受山 东省德州市总工会、团市委、妇联评为“德州市敬业奉献模范奖”。

来到平原县工作后,她在平原县经济建设总规划中积极努力。在该县2013年引进合肥日升科技投资集 团年产1万吨稀土铜合金、单晶铜键合丝等项目中发挥了很大的作用。该项目总投资10亿元,由合肥日升科技有 限公司投资建设,公司产品可替代键合金丝,广泛应用于集成电路封装领域、高标准音频视频传输领域、高标准 通信网络线缆传输领域等,年可实现销售收入15亿元。

作为70后的中国基层领导,梁蕊具有这一代人的积极与乐观的工作和生活态度,年轻人的朝气和干劲在她身上体现尽已 。这次受北美华人科技及创业协会,以及李红梅女士的邀请,前来与该协会众多的企业家会员交流,探讨未来在平原县 合作与创业的可能性。愿大家在了解了我们县的情况下,关注平原、与平原合作,到平原创业,大家成为朋友。我们亦 随时欢迎大家来平原参观考察、进行技术交流、投资建业。届时,我们将竭诚为大家服务!


Rui Liang, Depty County Chief, Pingyuan, Shandong of China

Ms. Liang works in the China's county level government, and has abundant knowledge and experience with the basic needs of Chinese rural areas and its development goals. She is currently in charge of the county's economic development, inbound investment, and industry planning. Because of her dedicated attitude and achievements in her work, she received numerous recognitions throughout her career on different government positions. After she came to Pingyuan County, she participated in the County's overall economic planning, involved in getting a rare-earth copper alloy company to invest its large facility in the country that is worth of over $100 million. Its products are used mostly in integrated chips.

Pingyuan, situated between Beijing and Shanghai, is a strategically good location for business placement because of its transportation conveniences either via railway, highways and air (only 3 hours train ride from Beijing and is on the main rainway & highway systems from north to south in the east coast of China). Pingyuan has a population of 460,000 and covers an area of 1047 square kilometers. It is rich in crop production, live stocks, water supply (next to Yellow River), electric power and more. We welcome entrepreneurs, investors, manufactures and company who seeks manufacture partners to come and explore the opportunities there. The local government will provide all we can to facilitate your success there.

See Pingyuan Intro in English, and for Pingyuan business needs and collaboration opportunities, click here

PETER (PING) ZHANG - Founder & President of Sandream Enterprise Inc.

Born and grew up in Beijing and came to the US in 1992. After receiving his Master degree in International Business Management from University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing in 1989, he joined Sinochem. First job is for new business development. Within 2-3 years, he successfully developed a nutraceutical product for export. He made due diligence study and convinced company to invest into a production plant and commercially export it to overseas.

After 3 years working in Sinochem head office, he was assigned to Sinochem American Holdings in New York City in 1992 responsible for all financing and accounting activities. He centralized all 6 subsidiaries's finance activities and did consolidated financial statements. He was also the project leader for the first Chinese company ever issuing $100 million commercial paper in the US capital market.

In 1993 - 1995, while working full time, he earned his EMBA from Baruch College in New York City.

In Nov 1996, Peter quit Sinochem and joined Pritzker family's Marmon Group in Chicago and was sent to Shanghai as General Manager of Getz Brothers (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (a member of Marmon) which engaged in selling industrial and consumer products in China. This gained him a rich experience selling to China market.

In the end of 1998, he came back to New York City to reunite with family and joined Nichimen America (renamed to Arysta LifeScience in 2002 after M&A. He became Director of Sales and Business Development in charge of US - China/Japan markets/projects.

After almost 8 happy years with Nichimen/Arysta, he decided to quit and pursue his biggest dream in life - forming his own company. That is how Sandream Enterprises was born in Aug 2006. In 7 years, Sandream has grown into an established service company in personal care, pigments and nutritional ingredients.

LAWRENCE DELSON - Founder & Principal, Delson International, Inc. Adjunct Associate Professor, NYU Lecturer, SUNY on 'Doing Business with China'

Mr. Delson has more than twenty-five years of international trade experience in China and Taiwan. He is the founder of his own import/export and consulting business. The consulting aspect of his company assists U.S. small business entering into and overcoming the hurdles of the China market. He speaks, reads and writes fluent Mandarin and has lived both in China and Taiwan.

Mr. Delson is adjunct associate professor at New York University's School of Professional and Continuing Studies and is a lecturer at the State University of New York's Fashion Institute of Technology. At NYU, he authored the course 'Doing Business in China'.

Mr. Delson is a member of the New York District Export Council, an organization of business professionals appointed by the Secretary of Commerce.

He is a frequent speaker to various business, academic and civic institutions including The China Institute, Columbia University, the Fashion Institute of Technology Talking Trade events, New York University, the Confucian Institute of Business (SUNY), HSBC, Citibank and Capital One Bank on topics in international trade and the business environment in China.

He is an expert contributor to research organizations and publications including such recent studies as the Big Think Knowledge Network study of China's economic outlook and On the Front Line's Doing Business in China.

Mr. Delson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Clark University and a Master of Arts degree from Columbia University.

JOHN ASON - Angel Investor

John has been an angel investor for over 17 years specializing in early stage pre-revenue companies. He has made over forty eclectic investments in the areas of e- commerce, technology, advertising, digital social media and entertainment. For about half of his investments, John has been the lead angel devoting a significant amount of his time to mentoring the companies. A typical company consists of one or two people in a garage or kitchen with minimal or no revenues. Any capital efficient industry with high growth potential qualifies with the exception of medical and biotech.

Some of John's companies are:, Scoople.It,,,,,,,,, Hooja, CarbonNanoProbes,,, Geometrix,,,,,,, MakeUsAnOffer, and

Prior to being an angel investor John had a career at AT&T Bell Labs. He spent the first ten years doing bleeding edge technology development and then 15 years marketing large telecommunications systems to international telecommunications companies. John guest lectures at NJIT, Fairleigh Dickinson, Rutgers, NYU and Wharton. John is a mentor at the Entrepreneurial Roundtable, DreamIt, TechLaunch, and Worldwide Investor Network accelerators. John is an advisor to the Astia and Springboard womens organizations. He is a founding investor of the Digital Entertainment Ventures fund. John has a BS in Mathematics from the Illinois Institute of Technology. John's hobbies include traveling, golf, Go (oriental game) and mentoring companies.

Please visit his website at, his pins at, and his tips at

Tony Zhang, Ph.D., J.D.

Principle, Fish & Richardson P.C

Tony Zhang is an Associate in the New York office of Fish & Richardson P.C. He joined the firm in 2002, having previously served as a patent agent and technology specialist with the firm. His practice emphasizes patent prosecution and due diligence investigation in the areas of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and materials science. Dr. Zhang's projects have involved pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, drug formulations, chemical synthetic methods, therapeutical devices and diagnostic devices (including biosensors and biochips), fuel cells, solar cells, catalysts, and polymers.

Tony and his company is a corporate sponsor of NACEA.


  • Massachusetts 2007
  • New York 2008
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office


  • BS, Beijing University 1996, Chemistry
  • PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2001, Chemistry
  • JD, Suffolk University Law School 2007

  • RAYMOND H. WONG - President, Attorney at Law

    Raymond H. Wong is the Founder and President of Wong, Wong & Associates, P.C. Over the years, Mr. Wong has carved out a reputation as an expert problem-solver and fierce litigator. Mr. Wong's educational background in the fields of electrical and chemical engineering is reflected in his precise logical approach to legal problems, while his experiences as a former soldier in the U.S. Army Nation Guard account for his prominent ability to strategize and fight in our adversarial legal system. Since founding the firm in 1988, Mr. Wong has helped countless clients with their legal issues. Mr. Wong has assisted clients in innumerable ways and he has obtained extensive experience effectively handling civil litigation, criminal defense, and transactional matters.

    Two of Mr. Wong's strongest attributes as an attorney are his dedication and his efficiency. Mr. Wong fights tirelessly and aggressively for the firm's clients and pushes to make sure they get everything to which they are entitled. However, Mr. Wong is aware that time and money are key client concerns and acts to get quick results. Mr. Wong has distinguished himself amongst his peers through his remarkable ability to rapidly resolve cases if circumstances permit.

    Mr. Wong is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey. He is also admitted to the U.S. District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, the District of New Jersey, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. He obtained his juris doctorate from New York Law School. He received a master degree in electrical engineering and a bachelor degree in chemical engineering from the City College of the City University of New York.

    Mr. Wong is a Board Member and Legal Counsel for the Hong Kong Association of New York, Inc. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Chinese American Bar Association. Mr. Wong is also a Member of both the Asian American Bar Association of New York and National Committee on United States - China Relations.

    New York Bar
    New Jersey Bar

    J.D., New York Law School
    M.S., The City College of the City University of New York

    MARK TANG - Ph.D. MBA, Angel Investor, Managing Director and Chairman,WT Global Capital Inc, World Tech Ventures, LLC

    Dr. C. Mark Tang is currently head of of World Tech Ventures, LLC, an international merchant banking and advisory firm specializing in financing and advising small medium enterprises (SMEs)in US and China/Asia, and Chairman of GCA Therapeutics, Ltd., a US specialty pharmaceutical company focusing in-licensing and developing drug for Chinese market.

    Dr. Tang has is an entrepreneur, educator, and a life science and high tech investment banker. Dr. Tang has co-founded three successful ventures. Most recently he was a director and co-founder of a digital right management tech company which was acquired by a public company. Dr. Tang has previously worked in Wall Street in different capacities including equity research, investment banking, and asset management for over 15 years at major investment banks.

    Dr. Tang is a co-founder and Chairman of the World Bio-technology Forum, through which Dr. Tang has provided educational conferences regarding bio entrepreneurship and venture financing in US and Asia. Dr. Tang has published two books and contributed regularly to international trade publications. He is also a frequent international speaker on various investment topics in US and China.

    From 2004-2006, Dr. Tang was also an instructor and biotech director at Rutgers Business School, where he taught biotech finance, venture capital and business development courses. Dr. Tang was one of the first identifying Asia biotech as a growth area, wrote one of the first article on biotech equity risk management and one of the first book on investing in biotech sector. Dr. Tang had been an advisor for non-profit and science park in Asia.


    Mukesh M. Patel is a serial entrepreneur, a founding principal of a private equity firm, attorney, business advisor, angel investor, and mentor. He has a Doctor of Jurisprudence and Bachelors in Econometrics with a minor in Cinematic Arts. As a serial entrepreneur, he has founded numerous ventures and a private equity opportunity fund. He has successfully raised in excess of $40M of equity capital and $130M in debt along with his principal partners for his start-up ventures. As a legal/business advisor, he has represented and advised numerous professionals, entrepreneurs, and companies ranging from start-ups to growth ventures. His clientele come from various industries, including corporate, technology, health care, financial, real estate, retail and franchising.

    Mukesh is a mentor to numerous college, high school, and middle school students throughout the US, with a focus on inspiration, motivation, career planning, the art and science of decision-making, life strategies, social innovation and entrepreneurship. Mukesh has been a visiting speaker at Rutgers Business School, New York University & George Washington University; Keynote at The Harvard Club (Harvard Investment Management Club), Princeton Media Association (Intellectual Property in the Entertainment & Arts Industry); Panelist for Asian American Hotel Owners Association (national hospitality industry organization), and the Asian American Legal Bar Association (Career Transition Counseling). He is the recipient of distinctions: Henry Rutgers Scholar, Merit Scholar, Garden State Distinguished Scholar, Cap & Skull, Summa Cum Laude (RU), Dean's Merit Award (RU & Fordham Law), Moot Court Board, NJ State Oratory Award, and HS Valedictorian.

    His mission is to take an incredible journey to where philanthropy and business intersect, the spark behind this social innovation enterprise. "We shall take social media to the next level, where we serve as human connectors and mavens, connecting people towards meaningful human interactions. If you ever thought about where you would be today if you had the proper mentorship during your younger years, this enterprise is that solution for all generations ready and willing to take that journey."


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