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North American Chinese Entrepreneur Association (NACEA) is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization registered in the state of NJ (see the approval letter below).

The organization was founded by a group of Chinese-American entrepreneurs in late 2006. The objective is to create a home where motivated entrepreneurs, business owners and entrepreneurs-to-be can share their business ideas and experiences, build up confidence and strength, join hands and efforts to improve their chances of success.

The Association holds frequent seminars, meetings, social and networking events in order to achieve the above goals (see pics and events in NACEA Seminars & Meeting section below).

We welcome entrepreneurs and business owners from all ethnic groups and entrepreneur groups to join us. Take a look at this website to know us better, and you may join our mailing list to get event info. in a timely manner.

NACEA Brochure (2 MB PDF) | 北美华人科技企业及创业协会 | 501(c)(3) Letter


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年末又到了!又是老友新朋们 聚一下、聊一聊的时候了。经商议 ,现定于12月11日(周日)中午在Edison 一号路上的“味百年餐馆” (原刘一手火锅)举2016年末创业交流会聚 餐会。基本预算$20左右。请各位有兴趣的 朋友尽快注册,预订座位。我们也能提前 预订合口的饭菜。

时间:12月11日中午12:00 - 3:00pm

地址:411 US Highway 1, Edison, NJ 08817,餐馆电话:732-640-2080



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